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Custom Railings in New England

Custom Designed Systems

Custom Railings in New England | Design & Fabrication

NuImage provides the sales, service and installation of our custom designed & fabricating railing systems.

We specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of architectural and ornamental metal railings produced in multiple disciplines.

Aluminum Railings

At NuImage all aluminum railings, aluminum gates, deck / balcony railing systems and aluminum fence systems are custom fabricated for each project to meet your needs. Our team of experienced personnel offers dedication and commitment to every step of the process, as we aim for a quality product and customer satisfaction! NuImage’s rail solutions are manufactured from extruded aluminum components to ensure durability and long-term structural integrity, while enhancing the aesthetics of your project and minimizing annual maintenance costs. Additionally, all aluminum railing systems manufactured by NuImage are specifically designed and engineered to meet applicable building code specifications. Aluminum is far superior to wood, steel, and plastic when used to withstand harsh elements outside in their environment. It is strong enough to exceed all local, state and federal building codes. The material will not need to be painted, never split, rot, crack or warp due to weather conditions, allowing production of long lasting railings, fences and gates for any balcony or deck build. You'll find this aluminum material is significantly lighter than other balcony or deck railing materials, so there is no stress placed on your building structures at any point. . We build the rail from aluminum with a powder coated finish and install it with only stainless steel fasteners.  Custom Aluminum Railing provides the elegance of old world wrought iron without the rust.

Metal Railings

In addition to our aluminum railings we also provide custom steel railings. Steel is a widely used material for the creation of deck railings with its own specific qualities. The hardness and higher tensile strength of the steel allows us to bend and torque the metal to create metal railings with unique and beautiful designs. By combining different ornaments we can create unique metal railings specifically for your needs. You can chose between paint finish, mill finish or powder code finish to insure long lasting life of your metal railings. We have a motto here at NuImage. 

Do it right, do it once.

NuImage Awnings is servicing all of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

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