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Hurricane Shutters

Storm & Security protection products

Anyone who lives in a coastal area where hurricanes threaten knows the cost and frustration that can go along with storm preparations. Many wish there was a way to get ready once and not have to do it again. When it comes to protecting windows, there is a better way to go instead of relying on plywood that must be replaced repeatedly. Hurricane Shutters can give you the peace of mind you need with a few extra benefits attached.

 We offer a wide variety of hurricane-approved window covers. Our hurricane shutters are tested and approved under the most demanding hurricane rating codes and are designed to meet a number of specific needs. When the winds blow, our storm shutters will protect your windows, your possessions, your family and your budget.

Home Alarm Systems are a good way to reduce the amount of damage. These systems deter after a burglar enters your house through a window or door. Intruders might be stopped or the time they spend in your home is reduced. Significant damage has already been done. A door or window was penetrated. Repair bills alone could be upward of a thousand dollars, plus whatever the thief grabs on his way out. Security shutters are a visible deterrent that provide a physical barrier. Shutters can be locked with a extra locking mechanism, such as bolt locks or key locks.

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