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Residential Fixed Awnings

Residential awnings, much like commercial awnings, come in a wide variety of options. Residential awnings are Custom designed products created for function as well as fashion to beautifully accent your home's style while protecting from the elements.

Window awnings, door canopies, patio covers are just a few of the options available for our customers in a residential application.

We will send one of our awning experts to meet with you at your home for a “one on one” consultation. This consultation will determine the style of the awning as well as the size. Having the ability to bring our exact materials to your home allows you to see what the proposed project will look like in its natural setting. With our state of the art software we can provide, to scale, renderings of your proposed project before you ever spend a cent. Here at NuImage Awnings, we strive hard to remove the guess work & stress from the design process.

NuImage Awnings has been an industry leader in awnings nationally for well over 30 years with no end in sight. We are proud to say that we have always been a Maine based company employing our workforce from all over New England for decades.


Fabric Window & Door Awnings

A great awning solution for most people and is a blend of quality and style at a cost-effective price.


Aluminum Window & Door Awnings

A superior awning that is full of unique features, making it the most user friendly sold on the market today.

Complete your outdoor living space.

Tell us about your project today.

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