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Awning & Shade Products

Let us help complete your outdoor living space.


Retractable awnings are awnings that have the ability to extend and retract at your convenience. Nuimage Outdoors covers Maine & parts of New Hampshire and carries a variety of retractable awnings. Each awning is designed to address your specific needs whether it is price or function.

The term “Fixed Awnings” covers a wide variety of products. Fixed awnings are typically custom-designed and fabricated awnings designed to cover windows & doors, storefront entrances, entryway covers, patios & decks, etc…

FlexShade Screens is the perfect retractable shade solution for windows, porches, and pergolas. The clean, simple design has an integrated cassette headbox and your choice of cable or side channels to prevent the hem bar from swinging in the breeze.

Our Service

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Due to our time in the industry, we provide a wide array of services available to the public backed with years of experience.

  • Awning Installations

  • Awning replacement

  • Parts replacement

  • Fabric replacement


The initial home demonstration will educate you on your prospective purchase while at the same time allowing us to determine which products are best suited for your home. When the home demonstration is complete you will know the size, color, model, and price of your selection. Upon ordering your product we will custom build your unit from scratch. At Nuimage Outdoors, we take pride in our service, taking care to meet your exact specifications. Once your product is ready we will provide you with a warrantied professional installation at a quality that will not disappoint.

Complete your outdoor living space.
Tell us about your project today.

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