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NuImage Awnings - Products Offered

We have been on the market for over 30 years. In this time we have created variety of high quality products. We take pride in our work and aim to provide a service and a product that will fit our client's individual specifications and to their complete satisfaction.

Awnings and Canopies

NuImage Awnings of Maine provides a wide array of shading options. With five models of retractable awnings and ten models of stationary awnings we believe in variety. Whether your tastes are for the charm of a traditional style awning or the clean sleek look of something a little more contemporary, we have the products to accent your home or business in only the way NuImage can. So, enjoy a NuImage awning and see for yourself why NuImage Awnings of Maine truly is the place where fashion meets function.

Custom Railings and Metal Work

We offer custom aluminum and metal railings. All our railings are build in-house and are fabricated specifically for each project so they fit your exact needs. The metal and aluminum railings are high quality products with ensured durability and long-lasting structural integrity. We aim to please all our customers and when we do things, we do them right and do them to last!

Aluminum Picnic Tables

In addition to our shading options, we are also offering our customers a range of picnic tables and benches. The tables come in a variety of sizes, styles and since they are all produced in our facilities in Maine we can offer them in styles and colors outside of our standard models.

Marine Upholstery

NuImage’s upholstery division can provide our customers with new custom-fabricated carpeting and cushions. We can also breathe new life in your old boat by replacing the cracked vinyl seats, old and worn out carpeting or other parts of the upholstery interior.

FlexShade Screen Systems

Solar and Insect control in a clean, compact cassette. Reduce cooling costs or close in a porch or patio with the FlexShade Screen Systems. Simple operation, incredible performance. FlexShade Screens are the answer for those seeking Exterior Solar Shade or Exterior Solar and Insect Protection.